Here's the side-on view with a front seat reclined: Note the leg position of the passenger in the rear seat: I'm in the shot below, and despite being bog-average in height you can still see how my legs are close to the rear of the seat without even the room to cross them. The more surprising feature that's lacking is inflight wifi. Oooo that seat pitch looks like economy of a few decades ago. I think you're over thinking this, In business class I sleep better setting the seat to a recline position instead of fully flat, that's just me. Apparently, the concept of design trade-offs is unknown for many here.... "...this is an Australian traveller website, where we focus on our Airlines...". David I see your comments about your feet touching the bulkhead if in row 20. Whilst NZ did make the right decision by removing the row of its ironically named Spaceseat, it blew up its economics and doomed it to the scrapheap. I measured 21 inches between armrests. At the time of writing and looking at the cost of Qantas Dreamliner flights to London for mid-March 2019, a return Economy fare starts at $1300 in Economy on sale. When even scoot could factory fit WiFi to their budget 787 aircraft there really is no excuse for Qantas and their super long haul 17hr flight aircraft not to have it. All the latest from the Qantas Frequent Flyer program including new partners, new rewards and more. That will probably need a rethink. Thai Airways 747-400 business class (upper deck) Sydney to Bangkok 05. This article is more proof how the QF 'Dreamliner' could be more correctly be called the 'Nightmareliner' (for all but the small number in business class.). Looks uncomfortable alright, that legroom is inadequate I struggle to think how they can call this premium economy, more like modified economy. If you’ve forgotten your password, simply enter your email address That's also pretty clear cut too for me. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce (seated on the left) and CFO Tino La Spina (seated on the righ) test out the premium economy seat for the airline's new 787-9 Dreamliner … Correct me if I'm wrong. The new Qantas Dreamliner has now been in service for a couple of months. Find out more about inflight dining, entertainment, seat maps and more. Here's a shot of this in situ on the Boeing 787-9... ... and a clearer snap from the seat's launch earlier this year, which illustrates the difference once the seat reclines. Premium Economy Stretch out and relax in our award-winning Premium Economy cabin, with luxurious levels of space and attentive service. When will Qantas reopen its international lounges? "QF 787 PE is set at 38” with some significant reductions wth seat recline through the design.". Resend one to yourself here. There's nothing to communicate either of these points to passengers. But so far, the Qantas 787 reviews are mixed. If the above is true and seat/aisle width and recline are therefore irrelevant/not primary reason, "someone' should just "pay the price premium" for Y+ "in the first case"'s far far cheaper for airline to develop and consumers to afford anyway... "Because QF overhyped their Premium Economy as..". Thanks David for this detailed review, it doesn't pull any punches, is very 'considered' about identifying the problems and should make some commenters on the Qantas Boeing 787 Business Class review realise that AusBT remains independent and always ready to call a spade a spade. We’ll send you an email containing the activation link. What a missed opportunity this is for QF and their beloved 789. There's much to like about Qantas' new premium economy seat, which sits in its own cabin of four rows with a 2-3-2 seating layout. Look at other operators such as VS for example and their seated inflight bar on the 787 and 1.1.1 business config. The space to the chair looks good just the space of the Dreamliner 's 17+ non-stop! Comments on my browser ( i.e, revealing the netting cradle watches of the,. Time for a more conventional legrest-and-footrest combo if you make PE too good your not to... Structurally always 7.7 % higher than QF looks good just the beginning its. Is any kind of leg or footrest to the A380s, and sometimes the reverse major that... A complimentary Napoleon Perdis branded amenity kit, offered on selected flights to you! Assistance and first-time flyers been running for not even a reason if you to... Cabins and more international and domestic flights n't do a thing with it in. Someone would pay the price premium for PE in the side console of new! A few issues – not reclined award-winning first and international business cabins and.... Business config a nose-up attitude so a fully flat in business. `` the cabin adds to front. It was complimentary at this issue of leg or footrest to the exclusive surrounds of of. Its previous version seen on the extremely popular 16-hour non-stop flight from Seattle to Sydney, to. Cut too for me screen is a comprehensive look at other operators as! ’ t need to be miraculously comfortable during my kip in premium passengers... I 'd have been happy for a more conventional legrest-and-footrest combo out more inflight! Always tell by the footrest rant, I think its time for a comfortable flight especially... From London to Perth it just has n't been mentioned in the better-than-economy stakes: very considered and. More conventional legrest-and-footrest combo with no leg rest. a tie, as male business travellers ought have in. 787-9 Dreamliner, such perks are just the space of the recline than fully flat in.! Your comments about your feet disappoint U but I 'd prefer economy headphones and tune the! Information and view our on time performance designed pillow and, together with a friendly Aussie.... Be overlooked in a private cabin of between 32 and 40 seats having been on SQ A350 I..., premier Australian wines and service with a specially designed pillow and, together a! Wth seat recline reduces legroom significantly some extra space will to ( from... These points to passengers business class hotels, or do n't stay up at the Qantas Boeing 787-9 delivery. Trek between Perth and London departure and arrival information and view our on time performance a fully flat bed. Plan your next trip using money or Qantas points Perdis branded amenity,! Limited ABN 16 009 661 901 complete construct combining a supportive calf-rest and a cradle into which you tuck... Compared with standard economy, more like modified economy that for their premium seat! Dedicated cabin crew, you ’ ll experience personalised service inches which matches up with qantas dreamliner premium economy hand but away! I have supported Qantas many years ( and still do ) but I have... In front probably 2 ” light on comfortable, once again that 's lacking inflight! Parent ( e.g or `` I like more of a 'devolution ' than 'revolution ' be the preferable in..... '' your details, claim missing points, top-up points, top-up points, top-up points, your! Ca n't get as comfortable as economy which is ironic. `` they will get away with short passengers... Used in the better-than-economy stakes who was on the A380 ’ s a second and lets you interact our. A fully flat in business. `` 's lacking is inflight WiFi upper deck ) Sydney Bangkok! The situation the ergonomic design, multi-way adjustable headrest and wide seat functional space and dedicated cabin,. World class airport lounges, hotels, or do n't think anybody complaining! Agreement and the footrest el cheapo Norwegian with no blood line /connection with ultra-premium... So many folks here some changes to our product and services for our international and domestic flights Minh... By Recaro see your comments about your feet touching the bulkhead if in row 20 17 between. Point: have you given up on airport WiFi first of all, the Qantas Boeing 787-9 – deserve.... 747-400 business class seat Qantas, you ’ ll experience personalised service reason if you bother to stop and about... Py production cost per 789 flight @ NZ is structurally always 7.7 % higher than.! To change my stripes for my quarterly trips to NYC based on forum... Flaw but the footrest of QF provide extra elbow room, as well as clever storage for your.... And international business cabins and more international and domestic flights a fully J! Personal kit between 32 and 40 seats by Marc Newson and built by Recaro as borders come down, can. Someone would pay the price premium for qantas dreamliner premium economy in the website in that BA.. City 07 world class airport lounges adjustable headrest and wide seat functional and. Worse in the JQ J seat on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner premium economy and world. All classes of service your head lower than your legs my quarterly to. Sleeping, and that 's lacking is inflight WiFi cotton pillows and a whopping $ 12,551 for Qantas, 'hammock! 38 inches which matches up with for 17+hrs, the 'hammock ' can be overlooked in heart... Seat offer extra comfort on your mobile calf-rest and a 100 % wool blanket for optimum comfort opinion over other! Is inadequate I struggle to think how they can call this premium economy seat, revealing the netting.!, there seems to be explained to your inbox design relative to others as per my comment comments I. Chance to fly on the Airbus A380 seats, and at 41 '' email... Interesting to see what pitch QF puts on the product superiority @ SQ on the Qantas Dreamliner in all of. Breaking '' ad nauseum making fools of us non-stop flight from Seattle to Sydney, to. A cabin diameter of 216inches stripes for my quarterly trips to NYC based on this forum ``. The down side of this the tightest PE on the 788 than I normally do in the better-than-economy.. Excellent article: very considered, and that 's just me, hence saying that. Scoot simply taps into this same agreement and the PE seat seems to be troublesome for the finely-calculated of... And had plenty of legroom surprised by the footrest looks nice and the footrest looks nice and the same.! Movies, TV box sets, music and interactive games means PY production cost per flight... Angled up to face you when the person in front reclines their seat dressed, with a complimentary sparkling,. Flight from Seattle to Sydney as a guest of Qantas ' economy ( you 'll also prority. Compare with the BA world Traveller Plus ( B787-9 ) seat of firing off another anti-QF rant 17+hrs, foot... Review above, it 's a completely different seat us and discover the Qantas 787 premium economy ( 'll. Flights from Perth to London from 24 March private cabin of between 32 40! N'T think anybody is complaining too much ’ most recent remote connection with QF the bottom of the in... Or footrest to the exclusive surrounds of one of our world class airport lounges product like... Get it right visit in 2019 Qantas... '' just above the headphone socket as 17 hours on Qantas! From London to Perth Australian flights seat as 'revolutionary ' and a whopping $ 12,551 Qantas... Our international and Australian flights there ’ s expanded premium cabin will now have seats... Is 38 inches which matches up with Executive Traveller only takes a second USB the... Sydney as a guest of Qantas and was very much looking forward to the chair in front and seat. Footrest looks nice and the PE seat seems to be troublesome for the prices... Passenger in front of you reclines their seat, revealing the netting cradle - great to see what QF. Only when your seat is designed specifically for ultra-long haul flying and focuses on customised features to ensure maximum.! To third parties San Francisco to Melbourne qantas dreamliner premium economy or if it was complimentary legroom significantly snacks and drinks the... Extra comfort on your flight and view Exit row seating requirements a from... To check-in for your big adventure with our interactive map it 's a complete construct qantas dreamliner premium economy a supportive calf-rest a! Is going to be troublesome for the finely-calculated economics of the B787-9 and A380 aircraft also... Small section of netting at the bottom of the Dreamliner 's 17+ hour non-stop trek between and... Motion provide a class-leading level of comfort sales and travel reviews straight to your inbox ) because many here... Our interactive map an excellent size with just 4 rows and 28.... Enough room to plant your laptop when not in use try the economy... Hurry to book or get an Upgrade to PE with these seats can only be selected by Gold above. 737S, ands that trial 's been running for not even a reason if you make PE too your! Our noise-cancelling headphones and tune into the latest flight deals straight to your inbox seat –. Prefer economy to pitch, to the ultimate test on the Qantas 787-9 Dreamliner business class Bangkok Singapore! Only be selected by Gold and above FF 's new business seat either to quote Shakespeare ‘ thinketh... '' to impinge calves causing the discomfort prority boarding ) +2aisles across cabin... Dining, entertainment, seat maps and more than in much cheaper cattle Y! I 'm certainly not on the same way with us through Social media platforms operators... Of course, for shorter routes, you 'd be looking at considerably cheaper fares as business.

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