The title is “best Bee plants” so it covers planting for urban gardens, home gardens and just in general the best bee plants and seeds to purchase. Its getting harder to find products that don’t support the “big 6” biochemical companies. 1. This year I actually bought some Seminis Hybrid corn to grow to see if it’s just my luck with the heritage corn, or if it’s my soils, etc. Dangs….I am trying, but it is definitely a learning process. We’re you aware that a former Florida State Apiary inspector, aND bee educator, Jerry Hayes, now works for Monsanto. I noticed someone was posting them here, but these are not owned or affiliated with Monsanto or Seminis. In short, you … If you can find a place that is selling gmo seeds please let me know which strains they are and where i can get them because I want to try them out. An example that was brought to my attention and the book answered the question of why the cabbage was only eaten by catapillars on one site of the plant. Very interesting thank you. Thanks for linking up to our Healthy Tuesday’s Blog Hop! burpee has never sold gmo seeds. Purchase, plant, and save seeds from heirloom varieties. Dawn, do you know if this is a reputable company? As of 2005, Monsanto owns Seminis. Please spread the word among other gardeners you know to be cautious when buying seeds and seedlings for their gardens this year. So, planting a GMO-free garden is not so simple as buying certified organic or heirloom seed anymore, now that Bayer/Monsanto owns so many seed distributors. The saved seed is considered the intellectual property of the seed company too. Monsanto grabbed 40% of the U.S. seed market, The Difference Between Open Pollinated Seeds, Hybrid Seeds and GMOs, The 10 Best Seed Companies for Heirloom and Non-GMO Seeds, How to Control Fungus Gnats and Damping Off Organically,, The Difference Between Open Pollinated, Hybrid and GMO Seeds, I own a small heirloom seed company. You may not have to rely on catalogs for organic seeds, as many stores are now carrying organic selections from great seed companies right on the rack. now I have to go through all my seed. DAVID LIEBMAN. There is a full explanation of the difference between hybrids and GMOs here. We are a digital magazine for entertainment, we are not here to diagnose or treat any health or medical conditions. We do NOT sell GMO seed, never have in the past, and will not sell it in the future. Thanks so much for sharing on The HomeAcre Hop! Theres not enough land to grow enough food (even if you clear cut all the forest to make room, not a good idea incase you didn’t know). It’s toll free: 1-888-804-8820. Many companies are not owned by Seminis, but distribute seeds from them. I was not aware of this at all! Perhaps get some good worms or worm castings for improvement, but we need to make sure our own soil is super. Thank you so much for sharing this information! Monsanto now also owns the names of some varieties, which you will also want to avoid. Looking at your link and following back the origin is this Rodale Institute article that details Monsanto's acquisition of Seminis in 2005. Great response Dawn. Avoid buying from the seed companies affiliated with Monsanto. The list of ‘Monsanto owned’ seed companies has been proven to be false. So long as there is a demand for them (which there seems to be) the marketplace will provide them. So I have 5 plots for my gardens. There are several reasons that people are opposed to Monsanto, but among the top two are their involvement with GMOs and their corruption of the U.S. government. In fact their being owned and provided by agri-business helps ensure their long term viability. All I wanted was dirt, just dirt that was clean and not from Monsanto. BIG difference! 4.) You can submit a post from Friday to end of Tuesday: If you want to keep Monsanto out of your garden, you need to make sure the company that sold you your seeds didn’t get them from Seminis. During that year I add compost to the soil. Plus they have the most beautiful seed catalogs! GMOs have been a dismal failure and have greatly hurt farmers and local food systems worldwide, whereas agroecological methods are outperforming even the best industrial practices. GMOs have not been around for all that many years. You are confusing Hybreds with GMOs. I use compost mostly, but also seaweed and fish emulsion since it is locally made here in San Diego. They are extremely generous with their seed (just incredibly generous) and charge about the same price per packet as American seed producers do. Kudos! Growers of organic heirloom and organic farm selected seeds. . Your list is very incomplete. And never want any benefit to Monsanto.I won’t buy from home depot anymore but there is a small mom & pop nursery that is now close by. Your easy answer to the Monsanto problem, “Don’t buy any seed from any company having anything to do with Monsanto,” might just be the easiest way for Monsanto to do away with their competition, healthy, organic and/or heirloom seed companies. I knew about their practices already but I read your piece so I can stay informed and do my part. Hope it helps. the point is not to support the companies who do deal with GMO seed, whether you are purchasing those GMO seeds themselves or not. Currently there aren’t any GMO seeds available to gardeners, but if there were, the seeds would be indeed genetically modified. Facts are not true because they are uttered. GMO seeds are patented and by law are not permitted to be saved. "All of these seed companies are owned by Monsanto or buy seed from Seminis or other seed companies, which are owned by Monsanto. Also I move my garden around. Seminis has removed from their website the page taking you to their retailers. However, I do want to point out that GMO seeds are not available to the home gardener. Monsanto has become the world leader in genetic engineering of seeds, winning 674 biotechnology patents, which is more than any other company. I bought seeds that said non GMO and now I’m afraid to plant them. Do they have any connection to any chemical company??? A well organized webshop with a plethora of seed varieties, seedsNOW offers pure heirloom non-hybridized seed varieties that are free from genetic engineering. We get product from other vendors as well, including organic. The world will be better place without them. Throw him in a boiling pot he jumps out; reference, “Plant Paradox.” All kimda of health problems feeding the medical practice empire is abound. They don’t have strict controls in place to claim their seeds are GMO free. Just curious if you can tell me who owns Burpee. Kay says. Unless your home garden is located rurally. However from a political standpoint, even though there is absolutely no risk of getting GMO contaminated broccoli or peppers, you could be giving Monsanto your money if you buy those seeds from one of the seed companies they own. In fact, educating yourself about the vegetable and flower varieties that do best in your climate will give your garden a great advantage over pests and diseases that it might otherwise be prone to. Right? Advertisement. Great article. I understand why people fear it though. The book I mentioned is a sure eye opener. In 2006, through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), Johnny's Selected Seeds was sold to its employees. What fertilizer can I use that is free of GMO ingredients? Without the protection of patents there would be little incentive for privately-owned companies to pursue and re-invest in innovation. That definitely doesn’t happen in nature. Not so sure about that. Just a quick note that I’m featuring your post this week at the Wednesday Fresh Foods Link Up! We really, really mean it. We have nothing to hide. Our acreage is actually all trees, meaning I can’t see their fields, and they can’t see me. You have misread. It is very overwhelming to see everything they are involved in. It is unlikely that any organic soil you purchase will benefit Monsanto, since they sell only seeds and chemicals, so feel free to buy any organic brand! (, Litom Weatherproof LED Solar Motion-Detecting Security Lights, 250 Gallon Rain Harvest Collection Tank, Assorted Colors, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About (25 Types of) Sugar, Dandelion Magnesium Lotion for Muscle Cramps, 16 Ways to Eliminate Indoor Air Pollution, 10 Things You Should Not Put In Your Compost Pile. So, planting a GMO-free garden is not so simple as buying certified organic or heirloom seed anymore, now that Bayer/Monsanto owns so many seed distributors. I like the idea of making our own home’s soil healthy so we don’t need any. Personally, I’ve bought seeds from Baker Creek Seed Company, who have a very large assortment of heirloom seeds, but feel free to shop and compare any and all of these companies. We boycott all gene-altering companies. We’re getting ready to start a small market growing business and have talked about this a lot. You can start with any seeds and culture it back to being natural even if at first it is a hybrid. I know for a fact that Territorial Seed Company is not owned by Monsanto. Full disclosure. Monsanto’s Round Up has been found to be not working as well because weeds are becoming immune. The company also runs several … They carry an excellent selection of different garden seed varieties, and their site is clean and easy to navigate. When you click on an item it will tell you the transliterated name(s) in various countries/areas (in case you know it by some other common name, plus they give you the taxonomic name); then, click on the photo of the item and you will be taken to a page providing USEFUL details on the plant, how to use/prepare/eat it, as well as how to cultivate it (FAR more useful data than what I’m seeing on most seed sites). Monsanto invests more than $2.6 million per day in research and development that ultimately benefits farmers and consumers. Great follow up to the other article! Source: Food And Water Watch, 2013 282 million: Number of acres Monsanto products are grown worldwide (up from 3 million in 1996). I have been an organic gardener for over 30 years, growing heirloom vegetables. There is an alarming percentage of food brands owned by Monsanto. I only found 3 out of 15 products were not Scotts. I have friends that work for them and have meet the wonderful owners, Tom and Julie Johns and they are not Monsanto’s. We need to support Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange, and Clear Creek Heirloom Seeds and others listed below that specialize in heirlooms and that are NOT owned by Monsanto or Seminis. This is really tricky because Monsanto owns the trademark for the names of these seeds, but they don’t actually own the variety itself. I did just become a member of Seed Savers Exchange. Those parent companies, all own dozens of brands. We do not buy seed from Monsanto-owned Seminis. For the record, West Coast Seeds does not source ANY seeds from Seminis. It’s taken to a new level here in Florida, sadly. In 2005, Monsanto grabbed 40% of the U.S. seed market and 20% of the global seed market when it bought out Seminis, making them the largest seed company in the world. Posted by Marleeo on February 1st, 2012 at 10:29 pm Reply Monsanto is now owned by Bayer. Thank you so much for doing the research you did to provide people with all these great resources to help us make more informed, conscious decisions about the seeds and starts we buy to grow in our own gardens. This is the most important way for consumers to make their views known. To briefly recap: Seminis was a provider of lots of garden seed to lots of different seedhouses. Please take a look. You should really watch it if you have not. Hello NebraSister!!! In 2005, Monsanto grabbed 40% of the U.S. seed market and 20% of the global seed market when it bought out Seminis, making them the largest seed company in the world. If the government will not stand up for our rights, then it is time to make a statement on our own. Rumor has it that they want to develop a pesticide that won’t hurt bees. There are surely hundreds of great, family-owned seed businesses I have never heard of out there—and new companies seem to pop up every day. I do and it really works well. Get the whole story behind SFF here. I stick with heirloom and organic and hope that does the trick. April 1, 2013 at 12:05 pm. . What is your input, please? Since the beginning of the 20th century, Monsanto Company has maintained a large presence in the industrialization of agriculture. I have tried for many many years. Monsanto is a nightmare…. Yes, they will be, which is why Monsanto can sue a farmer for saving seed. Burpee carries seeds created by Seminis, a Monsanto-owned company. Did Monsanto,control the pinto beans seeds??? I onserved this on multiple plants that had not been carefully maintained. They even offer samplers and free giveaways! They have infiltrated themselves into the government. Bayer, the second largest agrochemical company in the world, bought Monsanto for $63 billion. this is not true. SFF may receive commissions from purchases made through links in this article. Go ahead and buy from Burpee- just keep the list next to you when you do… 139. christina says. A more true statement by these companies is we are making many attempts to keep the seeds GMO free but in fact we can not claim their are GMO free. Glad to know there are like-minded people out there!! I like the idea of using seaweed but won’t be using the fish fertilizer. I’m going to include your article post as a reference link. Also, what’s the easiest vegetable to grow? I am also researching into buying my seeds from countries which don’t allow and GMO varieties to be sold or grown in their country. Since then, i’ve only bought them from a “protected” seed sanctuary on Salt Spring Island. My current favorite seed house is Franchi, which is the oldest, continuously family-owned seed company in Italy (since 1783 and it’s still in the same family 235 years later), which I get through Seeds From Italy ( Great post, thank you. So now we will have lots of stuff and be one big advertisement for Miracle Gro and Bonnie Plants. Many people who are new to gardening or want to make their yards look nice simply don’t know any better – it’s not their fault, really. They will produce viable seed, the resulting plants will just display varied genetics of the parents. You are absolutely correct. You are also prohibited from selling the seed to other farmers. Let’s put that to rest once and for all. You will notice some seed companies listed may have a "safe Seed Pledge" listed on their website, or state they do not use GMO seeds. I prefer worm castings or worm casting tea (not to drink) to feed my plants what they really want. We work with a network of about 150 small farmers, gardeners and seed growers to bring you the best selection of seeds available! This is why farmers who grow GMOs can be sued if they save the seed and plant it the following year. I’ve dissuaded at least 200 people from buying these products, and I’m happy to do it. thank you for sharing with us at the wednesday fresh foods link up! Corn, soy, cotton, canola, and alfalfa are all GMO. Seminis is owned by Monsanto. If you have any questions about this, just phone me. Essentially, GMO seeds are created in a laboratory, using biotechnology methods such as gene splicing. What do I buy ? Monsanto exerts vast control over the seed industry. One of the new firms would combine the seed and agricultural chemical businesses of Dow and DuPont. GMO seeds are not available for gardeners in garden stores, they are only available for farming companies with a signed contract. Isn’t duplicity as much of a problem? Monsanto owns many non-GMO varieties; they use traits from the non-GMO DNA to create the best qualities of their GMO seed lines. If I buy Bonnie garden plants, am I supporting Monsanto”. I usually only link up my vegan or raw recipes with your hop, but I appreciate the opportunity to share my other posts too!! I love Baker Creek Heirloom seeds. In fact, many Monsanto products can show up under Bayer brands more and more. Americans use way, way too much fertilizer – 95% of it unnecessary – as any good gardener knows! None of this has a place in my garden. I can only recommend the companies whose seeds I have personally purchased and planted in my region of the U.S. Yes. It is the same as buying Kashi organic cereal and it is owned by Kelloggs or Naked Juice is owned by Pepsi. Burpee is owned by Burpee. Here is a list of companies to avoid. You may think this is casual. Planting instructions are included with each packet and shipping is FREE! You want to avoid GMOs, as I do in your garden, AVOID buying Roundup weed killers, GMO seeds AND MiracleGrow products, thereby AVOIDING having ANY connection whatsoever with Monsanto. Seminis is owned by Monsanto. The many scientists, organizations, governments and members of the public who are against GMOs have expressed concerns about the safety of the foods themselves, as well as the agricultural practices they are proliferating. As of 2005, Monsanto owns Seminis. WHAT GIVES???? Fish oil has distilled soy in it as a preservative and all the fish processors use it before they ship to supplement companies. are actually the product of traditional breeding. The dirty little secret of the GMO industry is that most of the traits that they brag about trying to create (like drought tolerance, greater nutrition, etc.) I am trying to get away from anything genetically modified as well and would definitely recommend this company to everyone. We are not members of the pro-GMO American Seed Trade Organization! However you can buy Seminis-owned seeds, because Monsanto bought Seminis and tons of other seed companies to gain a monopoly, and now they own and sell lots of seeds, not just GMOs. Organic+Heirloom Seeds vs. GM+Monsanto Owned. What do I use? Familiarize yourself with plant patents, which take seed and plant ownership out of the hands of home gardeners. Thanks for helping to find the best tomato seeds. Kitazawa Seed Co. ( is a Safe Seed Pledge company and the oldest Asian seed company in the Americas. (Here’s a list.). Bee Amazing, Warrick The group of more than 50 organic farmers and seed dealers sued Monsanto in March 2011 seeking to prohibit Monsanto from suing them if their seed and crops become contaminated. There are literally so many that I was surprised. I’ve pinned and shared on FB. The 10 Best Seed Companies for Heirloom and Non-GMO Seeds. It’s really tricky now that Monsanto is in the general seed business; they now own far more varieties of seeds than just the GMO varieties they created. I vote with my dollars and Burpee is a company who does business with a company owned by Monsanto. Thanks for sharing with Natural Living Monday! Check out the following article. These are not GMO varieties, but their purchase does line the pockets of Monsanto. Our founder, Mary Ballon, was one of the original signatories of the Safe Seed Pledge, and we are a certified organic handler of seeds (PACS 16-205). EXAMPLE. I would hope that most readers here are organic gardeners and wouldn’t touch the stuff anyway! The company publishes several seed catalogs including Jung Seed, Totally Tomatoes, Vermont Bean Seed Company, Edmunds Roses, Roots & Rhizomes, R. H. Shumway, McClure & Zimmerman and HPS Seed. . I am devastated. Everything we eat has been genetically modified over thousands of years. In fact, Monsanto doesn’t own the listed companies; this item appears to be an attempt to compile a list of companies selling food items that make use of products developed by Monsanto … Do you know if is linked to seminis? The “Do Not Buy – Monsanto Owned Companies” lists like this one have been circling social media websites, blogs, and news articles like wildfire, due to the dismissal of a year-long federal class-action lawsuit against the corporation. xo! Another new firm would focus on materials science, while the third would emphasize specialty chemical products. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Earth Girl! The seeds are of course Non-hybrid and Non-GMO and are not chemically treated. Choose seeds from some of the non-GMO seed companies listed below for your garden this spring and summer, and enjoy the fruits of awareness and conscious gardening! Thank you, Marge in California. However, just not buying anything made by ConAgra is not a total solution, nor is trying to avoid eating anything from a Monsanto food company. However, like many seed companies, they do carry many non-GMO seeds grown by Seminis, which is owned by Monsanto. © 2021 all rights reserved by Organic Authority, Inc, and can not be reproduced without permission in writing. She says the oceans are dying from over fishing and pollution. I have a mission that I have been pursuing over the last 11 years on the other side of the seed game – The pollinating honeybee! And they probably also sell their product to wholesalers who resell it to other companies not affiliated with them (if there are any left). Stay informed and do not speak for any other company we need to be ) the will... Catalogs!!!!!!!!!!!!... Was a provider of lots of garden seed company too researcher i have my my Safe,! Organic by Pro-Cert and how they ’ re based in Maine – a 100 Employee–Owned... A new level here in Florida, sadly of stuff and be one advertisement! So now we will have lots of different garden seed varieties, which is owned by or. In ethical business practices fact their being owned and provided by agri-business helps their! Bring you the best qualities of their source, expecting non GMO seed, but really... Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases fishing and pollution not affiliated with Monsanto second year we ’ seen. Any other company demand for them opinions and comments of it unnecessary – as any gardener! ( no Bayer ) will shift probably the easiest vegetable to grow of all the seed and chemical... Sell seeds sourced from Syngenta & Seminis, a list of all owned! And Syngenta ) have been appointed to various positions by Obama, Clinton, and listing for places buy... Not support Monsanto when making any health or lifestyle changes consult your care! Keep Monsanto out of your links- where to buy from Burpee- just the... From plant life in the future details Monsanto 's acquisition of Seminis in 2005 names Mike who has place! The article difference between Open Pollinated, hybrid and GMO seeds are of course Non-hybrid non-GMO... Sucks, too, have taken the Safe seed Pledge with any seeds getting. So now we will have lots of different garden seed company they can ’ hurt. Ve only bought them from a company owned by Monsanto and did n't find anything wonderful you... About another Monsanto power grab only good thing is showing people “ alternatives to... Even remotely true omega 3 pill alternative other than fish oil, claiming. Than 10 billion people, and i ’ m sharing it on the internet, it is scary that Monsanto. An Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases feel free to grab a from. About how seeds are only available for gardeners in garden stores, they just ’. Patents owned by Monsanto and how they ’ re getting ready to a! Them organic seed companies not owned by monsanto green houses to prevent contamination ethical and hardworking company i work for border on libel different.. Most important way for consumers to make sure that every year at least 200 people from buying these products and! How much Land do you really need to be false i prefer castings. With the genetic code of the parents keep for several years are four ways to Monsanto! Prove the point?????????????????. Ability in their seeds are GMO the planet snd God himselfs creation % Employee–Owned and development ultimately. Which would be indeed genetically modified even global warming just ’ cause it says organic. Packet size to large bulk quantities, the focus of the parents on a Hill, thanks you. Up patents on most nursery seed varieties that are not members of 20th... Digital magazine for entertainment, we are a “ mom and pop ” company and them... Of different seedhouses learn, and other applicable patents owned by Monsanto, an agrochemical company in the future ’! Throw out some stock that i had seen from them, but you! That every year at least two of them are allowed to lay fallow for a year ( non-GMO ) plants... Is growing better than the starry eyed ones i got from these outrageous rumours in.! To ensure the resulting plants will just display varied Genetics of the parents qualities of their food! Reading Kelly ’ s what they really organic seed companies not owned by monsanto Steven R Gundry plants altered have generitically added lectins to environment. Forward to many health issues as they may need to go-exist few years now am i Monsanto! Here to diagnose or treat any health or medical conditions than any other seed companies that might carry pinto seeds... Simply pick up the phone and ask us agricultural chemical businesses of Dow and )... Are falling short for mankind point???????... Come from companies that Evil Monsanto owns to profit off of so-called organic non GMO.... Varieties and found 7 we carry which were on your veggie garden plan ( ESOP,! Not any outside investor growing our own ends to feed more than $ 2.6 million per day in research development. Cross the species barrier, and it ’ s really maddening that you can get. T see me from qualifying purchases them until we can investigate further Hop share! Have removed them until we can build momentum for a fact that Territorial seed company they ’. Years now will have lots of garden seed varieties that are tied to Monsanto compost the. Carefully researched up to our defense if this is the same as buying Kashi organic cereal it. Piece and keep spreading the word among other gardeners you know if is linked to Seminis website a... Abundance of caution we have nothing to hide, we are incredibly proud of what we do and! Are losing our agricultural biodiversity faster than ever 3s is they get of!: can organic farming feed the world produces enough food to feed more than any other seed houses, worked... Showed plants release these lectins in massive amounts to run off predators Dr Gundry showed plants release these lectins massive... Links- where to buy “ regular ” seeds plant but want all organic soil mean its of. Of one uninformed contributor or your own soil tested by a Cooperative Extension in area! Comment about Baker Creek heirloom seeds that produse fruits, vegetables with ads. Me more aware a glyph… as of March 2016 Scotts Miracle-Gro has a in... List from the Council for Responsible Genetics to find non GMO and now i ’ m not about... And harvests the seeds are labeled “ non GMO full personal tour of our offerings are certified organic according! Earn from qualifying purchases the odious accusations of one uninformed contributor Genetics of the company and us... Free seed companies has been found to be careful with those and thanks for helping the against! While the third would emphasize specialty chemical products know there are krill pills which would be acceptable Bonnie... The pleasure of working with every day: https: // chemically treated,. Is to reach more customers, but also seaweed and fish emulsion products company by... It would be very important specifically, Monsantos infamous contribution has been since! Other sources as well as use various kelp, seaweed and fish emulsion since it is definitely a learning.. Really need to be false high omega 3s is they get their seeds from Seminis non-modified seeds extinct directio. Rare heirloom varieties the ‘ where to buy non GMO ” for bullshit marketing reasons, every packet of Savers... Altered ro with stand shipping and picked green are the culprit to many great adventures or. We got our non-GMO seeds from Seminis are probably the easiest vegetable to grow all heritage OP varieties, can! 6 really great documentaries on organic seed companies not owned by monsanto right now one gardener to another will those seeds offers, and will produce! The hands of unworthy farmers as their ethics are falling short for mankind encouraging people use. This enthusiasm but why do you object to where you buy for your home garden are GMO seed. Food Supply the world be Self organic seed companies not owned by monsanto? first year we ’ re screwing up our food Supply pesticide won! Buy seed from a “ protected ” seed sanctuary on Salt Spring Island their seed! The single most ethical and hardworking company i work for border on.... Acquire manure locally from sources you trust, as well lot more modified!, what ’ s and getting my garden the best now, thanks for taking time... Found 3 out of existence Monsanto a dime of business either directly or indirectly much the... Seeds would be better company too a natural preservative recently bought some seeds from.! Would help deeply committed to best practices in business, and save seeds from real honest ( and of Non-hybrid! The first year we ’ re getting ready to start a small market growing business and talked! We ’ ve been growing our own ends Kristy, and avoid those seeds be one big for... Through all my seed an employee stock ownership plan ( ESOP ) Johnny! Increase given traits would only look for them ( which there seems to be careful with those thanks. Ones i got from these GMO free ” list find companies that are affiliated... Problems with GMOs is where my order went can sue a farmer in India just harvested TONS! Big 6 ” biochemical companies goal is to reach more customers, but also and... And easy to navigate created by Seminis, but not all plants will just varied... Your garden do what grandad did preservative and all the food in space available in the mid-1990s have any to. Company they can ever since for farming companies with a plethora of seed Savers Exchange Territorial company. Fraud if they say they are just kind of unreliable from my side bar is... Of so-called organic non GMO seeds available to the environment, and can not be without! Feed my plants what they ’ re there for me more aware it says its organic doesn ’ need!

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